Cult Film Freak presents Early Nothing by James M. Tate aka Jim Mullen Tate, who has discovered a method of Movie Reviews combined with Interviews: questions being asked by his illiterate boarder Rick Shaw, who can’t read the original website, and answered by Jim, with an endless array of opinions and theories: both friends reside in the crowded and cursed Tate family manor, two miles from where Cult Film Freak was founded on a lonesome apartment computer, and still runs with conventional reviews and celebrity interviews while this site transcribes sporadic basement conversations where the art of movie-blogging has taken a brand new form: kicking up a controversial vibe more than a written one.

Picture 1INFO & CREDITS:Website Founded in February, 2017, originally deemed Skull Island Surfer, then Cinema For Strangers, and now Early Nothing, on a permanent basis: with the idea of combining the Interview format with a Movie Review, which becomes an Intereview. An actual word with a different meaning has two R’s while here there’s only one.

title01_1657041552Photo Above is from Sam Peckinpah’s THE GETAWAY: that’s Bo Hopkins lying dead viewed by the usual curious Bloody Sam children of the grave as also seen in THE WILD BUNCH and STRAW DOGS. The Revolving Upper Header Banner Photos are from: KING KONG (the remake with Jessica Lange getting her picture taken by Jeff Bridges). Sterling Hayden hiding from a prowler cop vehicle in THE ASPHALT JUNGLE. Mark Hamill racing Kim Milford i.e. Corvette Vs Trams Am in CORVETTE SUMMER. Removed from the upper banner and put right down below to the left is the Moscow train outriding a splendid dusk in the second historically-based David Lean epic with Omar Sharif, DOCTOR ZHIVAGO. Our personal favorite, the yellow mini-submarine looking out of an underwater version of TRON, is actually from JAWS 3D. For our feminine side there’s Sarah Miles through Robert Mitchum’s perspective in David Lean’s third and not as masterful but lovely just the same epic, RYAN’S DAUGHTER. And there’s always more to come, which will be continuously added behind this sentence, so you’ll never quite know when that happens.

cropped-774.jpgSeveral years ago this blog site was discovered upon wanting another WordPress blog other than Cinema Starlets: It’s created by WordPress and the particular theme, for anyone who didn’t register at a certain date, has been retired: so not many out there use it. On the main page, to the top right, is the Cult Film Freak Facebook Page Link, which embodies both the main Cult Film Freak site and this, Cinema For Strangers, a very different approach to movie blog writing. The author is Jim Mullen Tate, who goes by James M. Tate on the Cult Film Freak mothership. And the Interviewer on this site is an old friend, Rick Shaw, who lives to learn movies from the person now writing these intentionally contrived paragraphs. Being well after midnight and deep into morning, THE MAN FROM LARAMIE is on as life, for the time being, is all right.picture-19


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Early Nothing by Cult Film Freak

Cult Film Freak's Early Nothing was founded by Jim Mullen Tate, using this new outlet to educate his illiterate boarder about nostalgic motion pictures: The tenant asks the questions while the landlord answers, creating a hybrid of Movie Reviews and Interviews known as Intereviews...


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